Darrell Issa’s Tea Party Gaffe

When are these folks going to realize that there is no ‘tea party’ in DC?

Recently, U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa, a California Republican, spoke before the Concord City and Merrimack Republican Town Committee. As reported in the Valley News, Issa seemed to contradict himself about wanting to promote “fiscal responsibility and limited government “.

Issa, it was reported, “…took his own party to task, saying Republicans have failed to reduce the size of government, in part, because of the Tea Party’s unwillingness to compromise and a too strong focus on social issues.”

We are wondering what tea party Issa is talking about? But we wonder where all this unwillingness to compromise is coming from. The tea party is a movement that has no representation in DC, neither in the form of a lobbyist nor a candidate. The tea party is not a political party and doesn’t even endorse candidates. And most of all the tea party was not created to ‘compromise’.

Secondly, you will never see the legitimate tea party focus on an single social issue, despite acknowledgement of the strong feelings of our members about those issues. The movement realizes that killing its own children is not good for America or liberty in general, but has never made this the centerpiece of any of its working groups.

Further it was reported, “There’s some maturing going on and I believe in the next congress you’re going to see many of those (Tea Party) members come back to the fold,” he said.

Yes we know that Issa is referring to PACs like Jenny Beth Martin’s ‘Tea Party Partriots’, who are not consider legit by the original movement of 2007 as represntative of the ‘teaparty’. Fact is, Martin’s group and numerous others like it have been scamming innocent conservatives out of their money in order to pay huge salaries to GOP the consultants who run their operations. Not a penny has gone to real tea parties or even to the candidates they purport to support.

See: Tea party groups are making and spending millions, but not on candidates

Keep in mind that a movement does not proffer or endorse candidates. A movement instead works among the grassroots on issues.

Did you ever hear anyone refer to Barack Obama as the ACORN candidate? The MoveOn candidate? The OFA candidate? There are plenty of radical leftists in congress who certainly might fall in line with the philosophies of those groups, but no one has referred to those groups as quasi-political parties so you’ll never hear their supporters referred to such a way.

Did you ever see William Ayers holding a sign for a candidate or working in DC with the congress? Never. All these years he’s been working in the background, gaining access to the grassroots by invading our schools, churches and civic organizations with his twisted philosophies and selling them to America, while Americans have focused on elections. And that is how the Ayers crowd and others in his movement have gained so much control. They stole your elections without ever setting foot in DC, promoting or supporting a candidate, or working for a political party.

Let’s keep the movement pure and focused on the mission for which it was intended — working among the grassroots to promote issues that will educate the public into better voting.

As a legitimate movement hoping to influence the minds and hearts of the people, the tea party aims to do the same thing William Ayers did all these years. We are not in DC arguing about compromise. Let the McCains, Grahams and Ayottes of the party continue on that failed path.

And above all consider NOT sending money to faux tea parties in DC and clueless RINOs like ISSA to underwrite their ‘moral highground’ of compromise.