UN Peace Dove Unmasked – UN Day October 24 – Part 2

by Russ Payne

This is second exposure of an enemy of “we the people”, a silent encroachment on our individual liberties by enemies of the United States Constitution, who want it replaced by the United Nations Charter and the UN Covenant of Human Rights to replace our Bill of Rights. ITS AN INSIDE JOB.

Take for instance the United Nations disarmament agenda that not only targets all sovereign nations to bow down and disarm, it targets civilian private ownership of all firearms. Have you seen US laws that are really UN mandates creating gun free zones in our land that ignore the fact that this policy invites criminals with evil intentions in their hearts, free and unchallenged to pull the trigger? And have you observed continuous generations of Lenin’s “useful idiots”, mobs creating anarchy over and over; many demonstrators naive enough to believe an automatic weapon pulls its own trigger? How these mobs paid to protest for Congress to pass law to take away our gun rights? Yes they are victims. Unfortunately, they help destroy the liberty of all including those who treasure and exercise their belief in the 2nd Amendment.

Now to put a little meat on the many “bones of contention” on this internal evil never accused of being anti-American and and seeking world domination by the “nightly news makers ,and morally corrupt journalist” who shield this fraudulent peace dove from the light of truth. Have you ever heard how U.S. officials have worked to giveaway our gun rights with UN disarmament policies in collusion with UN mandates? First there was the United Nation speech given by President Kennedy in September of 1961, State Department Document 7277. The essential purpose was and is for all sovereign nations to disarm so the UN will have a monopoly on power and force. It further goes on to say in the third stage to disarm all citizens in each country. This includes ours. Only those approved by the UN will have weapons.

Call your Senators and Representatives. Ask them if this State Department Document 7277 has ever been revoked. While your on the phone or through correspondence ask them about the document published in 1995 by this world body called, “Our Global Neighborhood.” You might want to ask them why this document has not been challenged by this Congress or their predecessors, and why they have cooperated with the UN’s specific purpose to call for disarming of all citizens? Furthermore, dig in a little deeper: ask them why they have ignored or remained silent about the UN Arms Trade Treaty that was adopted in 2013 that would disarm all Americans. Find out if your Senators, duly elected to represent your interest, signed this treaty that was ratified.

Silence on this issue by party loyalist is and will remain a major threat to your “right to bear arms” until enough people work in unison to GET US OUT OF THE UN and GET THE UN OUT OF THE US. The first step is, inform yourself. Go to jbs.org. You’ll not only find an information legislative action program, you’ll see a picture of the UN’s stated purpose in regard to your firearms. A picture of the statue of a pistol in front of the UN with the barrel tied in a knot. Many further letters will arm you with more questions to ask your Senators and Representatives who swear an oath of loyalty to the United States Constitution.

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