House Armed Services Committee Approves Requiring Women to Register for Military Draft

Tweet Wednesday night the US House Armed Services Committee passed an amendment to require women to register for a potential military draft via the Selective Service system. The requirement already applies to men. The amendment is part the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that passed in the committee early this morning. Richard Lardner of the […]

UN Recommends New “Pravda-Like” Organization to Disseminate News

Tweet The UN would like to see news organizations take a more ‘constructive’ approach to the news. Really. They would like to see less negativity and more practical solutions offered. But then, will it still be news? For what it’s worth, bad or good, news is news and the current bias in telling it, is […]

Rep. Guinta Defends First Amendment Rights

Tweet We must give credit where credit is due. US Congressman Frank Guinta, (R-NH) has sent a letter defending the rights of Jerry DeLemus (and indeed, all Americans) after Jerry’s arrest in the Bundy Ranch affair. Jerry is accused of being a mid-level organizer, recruiter and trainer of armed Bundy backers. They were involved in […]

Abuse of Political Prisoners Must Stop

Tweet As you watch this video below, keep in mind the smear from Asst US Attorney Zuckerman who claimed that Jerry was a “threat to the community”. That was a clear attempt to sway a jury. If the above video does not appear on your device, use this direct link: As you may have […]

Update on Jerry DeLemus

Tweet NH Rep Sue DeLemus has made a statement about her husband Jerry, who is sitting in prison in Henderson, Nevada. Jerry thanks everyone for your continued support and Sue thanks you for all the help you have given to her here at home. If you would like to send Jerry a letter his address […]

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