Global Government Moving In at Warp Speed

Tweet KrisAnne Hall nails it in her latest broadcast. If you support the constitutional republic and sovereignty, you my friends are the ‘domestic terrorists’, the enemies of the state, who are undermining their one world order.

Not a Dime’s Worth of Difference

Tweet You’ve heard the old saying — “Not a Dime’s Worth of Difference”. Many paleo-conservatives understand what makes them conservatives: it’s called the US Constitution. But many modern day “Republicans” do not have a clue. For those who still do not understand what “neocons”, aka “globalists” are, here is a hint: they are all working for […]

Beware of Groups Soliciting Money in Election Years

Tweet REMINDER FOR AN ELECTION YEAR We regret to inform you that we are once again getting reports about various PACs and other nefarious partisan groups from out of state, particularly DC and NY, who are using the ‘teaparty’ name, soliciting funds from OUR members, either to benefit themselves, or for supposed disbursement to an […]

Suspected Attempt of FBI to Arrest NH Man Foiled

Tweet As we said in a previous article about the arrest of Journalist Pete Santilli, when the government starts arresting onlookers and journalists for exercising free speech rights, start thinking “tin pot dictators”, “banana republic”, and America as a “third world country”. Today could have been a lot different for NH’s Jerry DeLemus. Jerry, as […]

The Government Wears a Tin Foil Hat

Tweet The government has arrested citizen journalist and talk show host Pete Santilli, charging him with “conspiracy”. Santilli was present in Oregon, trying to get the story that would bring the truth out to the people without the filter of the untrusted media. “Santilli, who hosts a popular talk-radio show on Talk Network News, reported […]

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