IRS Scamming Tea Party, Being Scammed by Illegals

Tweet The IRS has known about this problem for a very long time and has done nothing to stop it. Suggestion is that everyone report this as tax fraud here or by using the Tax Fraud Hotline at 1-800-829-0433 If the above video does not appear on your device, use this direct link: The […]

The Tea Party Does NOT Endorse

Tweet It’s that time again. Fake tea party groups are speculating upon whether they should interfere in our NH primary races by endorsing someone in our name. They have in the past completely ignored the wishes of the real tea party. Washington Times has the story… We would like to emphasize… – The TPE, TPN, […]

Make No Mistake: The Tea Party Movement Turned SIX on 12/16/2013

Tweet These articles we are seeing claiming that Tea Party Patriots founded the tea party in 2009 are completely inaccurate. Too many people have been fooled because all they watch is the MSM which does not tell the truth and will NOT cover certain activities as was the case with the first tea party in […]

Eric Zuesse is WRONG, Again – TeaParty Started in 2007

Tweet The kings of disinfo over at Huffington Post are at it again. Eric Zuesse is claiming they have “proof” that a single, isolated event gave rise to our modern day tea party, as well as trying to claim that the tea party is “astroturf”. Anyone who was around back then, knew that the tea […]

What is the Tea Party

Tweet The continuing saga of ‘whose tea party is this, anyway?’ The tea party is a movement started in 2007 and it’s not going away. We just finished reading a commentary that appeared in about the CNN appearance of GOP consultant Amy Kremer, self-described spokesperson for the “tea party”, and we have to agree: […]

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