Cantorburied: Time for Papa Smurf to Let Go

In a widely publicized May 2014 article Time to let go of Tea Party puppy love, John E. Sununu, patriarch of the Sununu political dynasty, or, “Papa Smurf” as the grassroots fondly refers to him, continued his smug appraisal and complete dismissal of the movement known as the tea party.


From the day we let him into one of our leader’s meetings here in NH two years before the 2010 elections (I knew we had made a mistake the moment it happened — he just wanted to eyeball the combined 300 years of experience and talent) he has continued to brush aside our importance in the grand scheme of things.

I guess Papa, a one-time Senator, and former head of the State’s GOP-turned talking head, may have spoken too soon. Even if legit tea party groups like NHTPC do not endorse or run candidates, he’s got to admit our education on the issues is beginning to pay off.

Talking heads like Papa, who dream of the decline of the Tea Party, may need time to get over Tuesday’s losses. Like the liberals over at the NY Times, he must be very upset.

Throughout the coming months, John E. Sununu and the rest of his establishment, will likely continue their efforts to thwart any candidate who might dare to have an inkling of desire to defend the actual Republican platform.