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Racist NAACP Backs Watters Over Edwards

Tweet While we have no dog in this race because we do not endorse, we could not help but notice that the racist NAACP apparently doesn’t care to back Eddie Edwards, a black man, in his run for State Senate in District 4 against incumbent State Senator David Watters. Instead, they have backed Watters, who […]

Controversial Cartoon Example of Mission to Stir Up Hatred for Certain Groups

Tweet If you aren’t still of the mind that the dead tree media’s mission is to stir up hatred for certain sectors of the population, we present to you this Marland cartoon that appeared in the Concord Monitor on June 17th, 2014. The author of the cartoon urges you to ‘clip and save and stick […]

More Reason to Oppose the Con Con

Tweet As we’ve written before, we’ve asked you to examine those who have teamed up to try to bring about a Constitutional Convention. Freedom Outpost has more on this. “Recently, we wrote about a popular Article V Con-Con movement, Compact For America, and the concerning leadership behind it. On that board of advisers was Harvard’s […]

Exhaustive List of Liberal Groups Pushing Con Con

Tweet We could not have said it better — who will be in control of this proposed con con? Read both parts and you will see how dangerous it would be to go forward with this. Compact for America’s ConCon – Yes, There are Big Concerns Article V Con-Con Groups in a Coalition – Who […]

Darrell Issa’s Tea Party Gaffe

Tweet When are these folks going to realize that there is no ‘tea party’ in DC? Recently, U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa, a California Republican, spoke before the Concord City and Merrimack Republican Town Committee. As reported in the Valley News, Issa seemed to contradict himself about wanting to promote “fiscal responsibility and limited government “. […]

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