Stay Awake!

You may wonder why you don’t hear from us more often. This is because we are busy “community organizing” and “DOING”.

Those of you who have been with us (the ‘real’ teaparty) since our founding in 2007 are here because you understood the folly of the right/left paradigm of partisanship, as inspired by our ‘godfather’. He taught us instead about right from wrong, and the meaning of true conservatism, based on the US Constitution.

Sadly, when it comes to national issues, it seems many have slipped back into the neocon (liberals posing as conservatives) cesspool of partisan politics — wasting time dwelling on the obvious, taking the mainstream media and public figures at face value, and never diving in deep for the ‘truth’.

As evidence, we find the UN is still running our public schools, there’s been a huge jump in the national debt, a failure to secure our borders, a failure to prosecute government criminals, even more billions in handouts to brutal regimes (what happened to America first?) and the push for more war…

Doesn’t seem much we can do about this, which is why we rarely mention national issues. However, they are now trickling down to us in our towns. It is sad that many seem totally unaware of the control they COULD have if only they got involved LOCALLY.

Sure it’s fun to make fun of extremists such as Rep. Cortez, but what is the issue here? She is in fact, promoting Agenda 2030, the most human rights-denying movement on the planet. Our State Dept is fully behind it. It’s being implemented at the State and Local levels. Knowing that, you can actually do something about it other than preaching to the choir about what a crackpot she most certainly is…

For example, see what the residents of Bedford did to have at least one victory over Agenda 2030:

This is happening in every town in New Hampshire. When the most desirable town in NH was infiltrated, people responded to the call for action. Items were placed on the ballot and the public was educated. Then they voted the RIGHT way. Otherwise, the usual culprits will be taking advantage. Behold the corporatocracy… Don’t let it happen in YOUR town while you are not paying attention.

It is our opinion that this Agenda is the most serious threat to our freedoms that exists today as it drives all politics… in BOTH PARTIES. (The liberals openly want open borders one world government, and the ‘conservatives’ take advantage by getting involved with PPPs that draw off your tax dollars)

So, if national politics and the backslide of the formerly awakened has got you real teapartiers down, stick with us for the fight as it affects local issues. If local issues are not sexy enough for you, consider the load of bad stuff going on at the State level, RIGHT NOW.


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