NY Times Racist Article Sparks Outrage

Imagine how stunned we were to read an article from the NY Times with such a racist-sounding title? The article suggested NH had a “problem” because it is 94% white! It suggests that white people can’t also be subject to loneliness and isolation, which is only natural when one moves to a new location at first, until the person gets to know others.

In the news recently were two incidences of alleged racial “hate crimes”. The first was a man, a military veteran, and former “Blackwater” employee who should have known better. Robert Carrigg of Hooksett decided to randomly rip off the head scarf of a woman while she ate in a restaurant with her friends. Another incident involved a hotel proprietor who was trying to eject unruly patrons. The first example WAS a hate crime, the second was NOT. The hotel proprietor, as often happens, was the victim of individuals who used “race” to cover up for their own crimes and unfortunately had the government side with them. This is another kind of racial “blackmail” that is becoming widespread.

As far as we know, everyone is welcome in NH, but it is not the government’s job to “force” diversity using HUD, AFFH, and zoning changes at the behest of the federal government, etc.

Many of us already enjoy living in very diverse neighborhoods with people from South Korea, Pakistan, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Scotland, and China.

One group that we do know of that is actively unwelcoming to newcomers is Granite State Progress. They have an ongoing witchhunt which includes a watchdog website that smears people who have moved here as a result of the Free State Project. The FSP movement has brought in more young, talented and diverse people to NH than anyone. Apparently the GSP group doesn’t like that. Perhaps the NH Attorney General should look into it as a “hate crime”?

Discrimination is ugly no matter who might be the target. But a government that supports any sort of racial blackmail does not bode well for the citizens.