Barney Fife Has a Grenade Launcher

In the past we have written about how some citizens of NH have fought back against the acquisition of equipment such as MRAPS by cities and towns. But never before have we seen such a comprehensive listing of which type of military gear is going to which states in the US as this 2014 map.

In this comprehensive guide, by clicking on the object along the top, one is able to see which states/counties are in question… they will be highlighted in orange.

In addition to the fact that our local law enforcement continues to train with and be trained by FOREIGN ARMIES, despite 50 years of abuses by those armies, and the existence of globalist programs such as the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), and the fact that President Trump has rolled back any gains that were made in this area regarding civil right, this revealing map should be of concern to every resident. Is the training of local law enforcement by foreign armies even legal under the US Constitution?

While militarization of American police forces has become a mainstream issue, recent reforms have been undone by the Trump administration and these foreign exchange programs have continued.

Expect more armored vehicles and grenade launchers to be in the cache of weapons that could possibly be used on you by “Barney Fife”.