Why a Military Parade is a Bad Idea

This is just the kind of thing we loathe to comment on but feel it is the proverbial “last straw”.

For one thing, the dispute over the possibility of having a military parade is just another addition to the partisan bickering and ridiculous disputes that always seem to be going on between partisan hacks over the most insignificant things. Like kneeling at a football game, which doesn’t threaten our life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, or financial standing.

These disputes are nothing more than distractions from real issues that DO threaten our privacy, security, and liberty. In this case, it is just another concerning example of defending of the indefensible. People will defend the indefensible, all because it angers the “other side”.

This is a perfect display of the meaning of the “Hegelian Dialectic” in action and how it has sadly, gotten many conservatives to do just that — defend the indefensible.

Those with common sense and a feel for what liberty really means know that in addition to looking like a communist dictatorship, among the many reasons the US should NOT hold a military parade are:

1 – We are $20T in debt and can’t afford to spend the money.

2 – Our vets need housing, medical care, and jobs. If you really want to support the military, spend it on them.

3 – If you really want to support the military and give them RESPECT, bring the troops home to protect OUR country, instead of sending them to effect regime change in someone else’s. Take them away from these illegal wars we’ve been fighting, for which they have been dying. It is horrific to see them suffering for the benefit of the global elites and their “new world order” utopian dreams. Do conservatives realize that when they support the foreign policies of neocons, they are support COMMUNISM?

4 – We, as citizens who support liberty, should not be proud of, nor celebrate our participation in wars that kill thousands of innocents and children for the sake of countries whose governments are violating human rights, day in and day out.

5 – This parade that was ordered by the president is to benefit the president’s narcissism, and nothing more. It’s a “pissing contest” between him and dictator Kim Jong Un. Don’t encourage it. He wants the military to bow down to him, not give his respect to them.

A military parade is NOT “conservative”.

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