NHTPC Statement on Aftermath of Florida Shooting

Tweet The NHTPC and its participants support the Second Amendment and the right to self defense, unconditionally. Furthermore, we agree that ALL federal gun control is unconstitutional. In the wake of the Florida shootings we denounce the misguided attacks that are currently being directed against the National Rifle Association, a pro-second amendment group which only […]

No It Wasn’t the NRA That Caused This

Tweet In the aftermath of the Florida shooting, liberals have predictably taken to social media, screaming for gun control, and declaring that the country needs to “abolish the NRA”. Meanwhile it was not the NRA that told that kid or anyone else to go and shoot innocent people. There is no proof to show any […]

Why a Military Parade is a Bad Idea

Tweet This is just the kind of thing we loathe to comment on but feel it is the proverbial “last straw”. For one thing, the dispute over the possibility of having a military parade is just another addition to the partisan bickering and ridiculous disputes that always seem to be going on between partisan hacks […]