HCR 11 Asks for Pardon for Bundy Protester from NH

Judge Cites ‘Flagrant’ Federal Misconduct for Bundy case dismissal

How many times did we tea partiers stand with signs in the streets in 2007-2009 to protest one or another government policy, issue, or bill? Considering how crazy and violent liberals are these days, how many of you are foolish enough to think we were there with no means of protection?

At one point we invited 4,000 people, many of whom were “carrying”, on the common in Manchester for an event. All legal. Not one problem. No racism, no violence, just a great gathering. (Except for the disturbing fact that we saw S.W.A.T. teams stationed up on the top of a nearby parking garage, apparently attempting to take photos of all the ‘leaders’.)


Protesting while being armed is NOT a crime. However, one of our own, Mr. Jerry DeLemus, has been sitting in jail for almost two years, for nothing more than doing just that during the Bundy ‘seige’ in Nevada. Keep in mind, Jerry was not even present during the so-called ‘armed standoff’ when snipers faced men on horses who were merely trying to protect more of their cattle from being mutilated and slaughtered by the government.

For those of us who know Jerry, a Veteran who served as a Marine, the idea he would be guilty of anything akin to what he’s been charged, is outrageous and impossible.

Almost two years passed before the government decided to drum up a case against DeLemus. Prior to his arrest, we had spoken to Jerry by phone and warned him that if the FBI wanted to meet him at a local coffee shop to ‘talk’, they were surely looking to arrest him (even though we couldn’t think of a reason why). We told Jerry we were especially suspicious because of the way they tried to get Jerry interested in such a meeting, a clichéd excuse that sent up many red flags. We warned him that the reason the FBI cited for wanting the meeting was one of the oldest tricks in the book, something you’d use in high school. How stupid did the FBI think he was? Nevertheless, feeling he had nothing to hide, Jerry agreed he would go to the meeting. But the FBI failed to show. This would have been too easy and peaceful an arrest. Instead, the FBI decided to go with the usual unnecessary theatrics in an obvious and flagrant attempt to rile up the public sentiment against him, thus misrepresenting the seriousness of his supposed ‘crime’. Indeed, when contacted, we told a reporter that we felt the NH Asst. AG’s statement that Jerry needed to be arrested as he was considered a ‘danger to the public’ was prejudicial and could be construed as an illegal attempt to tamper with a prospective jury.

Despite the fact that Jerry was willing to meet with them, and they had assured him they did not want to arrest him, a few weeks later they arrived at his home with all the tactical hardware, busting down his door in a surprise ‘raid’, (as if Jerry would not have opened the door for them). Once again, this was typical overkill, a theatrical production for the benefit of the gullible public.

During his trial, he was pressured to make a deal he should never have made. He was threatened with having innocent family and friends harmed. (It is not clear as to what harm they would endure, but the threats were made and this fact was publicized in a local newspaper even after we were instructed not to mention it). Jerry gave up his freedom to protect them.

Jerry had been candidate Donald Trump’s Veterans Co-Chair for NH, but now “President” Trump seems to have forgotten all about him.

Considering that all charges have been dismissed in the Bundy case due to “flagrant federal misconduct”, HCR 11 has been proposed to attempt to get Jerry released.

House Committee on State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs heard testimony on HCR 11, a resolution calling on President Donald Trump to pardon Mr. Jerry DeLemus for his presence at the Bundy Ranch. Those testifying at the hearing were State Rep Dan Itse, State Senator Bob Guida, State Rep J R. Hoell, and Mr. Joe Haas. Especially notable was former FBI agent and current NH Senator Guida’s testimony.

Considering how many innocents are assaulted and indiscriminately murdered by law enforcement these days, concern over what the feds would do was justified. Unfortunately, a man was needlessly murdered over a similar issue in Oregon, as his car, carrying women and children, was shot into. Father of 11, Lavoy Finnicum, was gunned down in cold blood while running away from that car to protect those passengers.

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