Jerry DeLemus Plea is Suspect

Leave it to the Union Leader not to report easily obtainable facts surrounding the strange case of NH activist Jerry DeLemus.

The government perfidy of making up charges against someone like Jerry is obviously to teach us all a lesson.

What the once-conservative paper left out:

Jerry was never present during the ‘standoff’ between ranchers and the BLM, therefore he could not have organized anything.

The ‘standoff’ was not an attack, no one was hurt, except for the cattle that was destroyed by the BLM.

Jerry was in communication with the FBI at all times, offering to help them diffuse the situation.

Jerry announced his association with the FBI publicly online and in personal phone calls.

Jerry was tortured in his cell via deprivation, and thus the ‘plea’ was likely forced out of him.
At no time did he ‘conspire’ to attack anyone, or was he ever a danger to the ‘community’.

Here is proof of Jerry’s intentions:


Others praised him for his willingness to help…


The government is not endearing itself to those of us who know the truth.

Now Jerry himself is quoted in this article as saying he was coerced.

“Jerry Delemus who recently took a plea deal on the case has since changed his mind about that decision saying that he was forced into the deal by the FBI. Delemus, who is married to State Rep Susan Delemus of New Hampshire, now says he buckled under extreme pressure after the FBI threatened that they would go after the men who accompanied him to Nevada if he refused to take the deal. One of those men was his Son.”

And further it seems a man was killed in cold blood for no good reason..

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