One World Government: Is It Here?

The United Nations, since it has been in existence, has been known to want to be the world’s government — one central, global authority, over every nation, person, and blade of grass on the planet. Just a quick perusal of the UN website will give you an idea of the vast amount of rules, plans, and goals they have for you, the world, and even for outer space!

A global government monopoly would eradicate the system set up by our US Constitution, which guarantees rights and freedoms as innate.

The UN has drafted a “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” which is conditional upon approval of the UN itself.

Our founders fought for independence when they cut off the Queen and the Central Banks. While the central bankers have once again taken hold (1913) we have not yet officially given up our Constitution.

The UN wants to name, number, and control every blade of grass on the planet. If the religious folks are right, they are truly the mark of the beast.

Correspondent Alex Newman reports on the UN and its globalist allies who are working to become the “Parliament of Humanity” and usurp U.S. sovereignty. He breaks down what that means for Americans and why they must resist.

Please watch the video in the article below.

United States Sovereignty

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