KrisAnne Hall in Rindge

Tweet Recently KrisAnne Hall spoke to NH residents in Rindge.

What are the Goals of Agenda 2030?

Tweet AGENDA 2030 IS THE CONTINUATION OF AGENDA 21 Today it is easy to debunk the accusation that Agenda 21/2030 is a “conspiracy theory” by simply following its advocates as they post their intentions to social media. Witness statements from the UN’s grand pooh-bah of its ECOSOC group as to what that organization has laid […]

One World Government: Is It Here?

Tweet The United Nations, since it has been in existence, has been known to want to be the world’s government — one central, global authority, over every nation, person, and blade of grass on the planet. Just a quick perusal of the UN website will give you an idea of the vast amount of rules, […]