Convention of States Project Attacks NH Senator

We received a disturbing message from one of our members yesterday.

It concerned a mailing that went out to the Convention of State Project supporters regarding NH State Senator Kevin Avard (R – Nashua) and his vote against SCR4, a bill that promotes the Article V Convention of States.

The message was this:

“Good Morning Supporters,

One of the members of the NH State Senate Committee Kevin Avard is now opposing SCR4 due to a donation he recently received for his campaign by the John Birch Society who is against us. Senator Avard is from District 12 which includes Brookline, Greenville, Hollis, Mason, New Ipswich, Rindge, & Wards 1, 2, & 5 in the City of Nashua. Make a call and leave a voice message to Senator Avard today at 603-271-4151 and tell him to support SCR4! Don’t forget to leave your name and the town you are calling from.

Priscilla Mills
Grassroots Coordinator”

This of course is a complete lie and smear against Sen. Avard. No money was given to Senator Avard by ANYONE in return for his vote. The JBS does NOT donate to candidates, ever.

Please if you have the chance, thank State Senator Kevin Avard for OPPOSING the Convention of States Project legislation.

Our body of NH legislators are volunteers who often hold down full time jobs while supporting freedom in Concord and they don’t always get to examine the issues in depth at first. This is why it is IMPORTANT that you call and remind them they are working to preserve and abide by the NH and US Constitutions. We are grateful that Senator Avard saw the danger in the CON-CON and decided against it.

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