Convention of States Project Attacks NH Senator

Tweet We received a disturbing message from one of our members yesterday. It concerned a mailing that went out to the Convention of State Project supporters regarding NH State Senator Kevin Avard (R – Nashua) and his vote against SCR4, a bill that promotes the Article V Convention of States. The message was this: “Good […]

GOP PACS Attempt to Sway “Tea Party” Votes

Tweet Remember that Washington DC-based group who came to NH going door-to-door to try to promote Mitt Romney and Scott Brown? The group is called “Tea Party Patriots” but they not a legit tea party as you know it from 2007. Instead, they are the GOP PAC that emerged in 2009 and started scamming people […]

The Man Our Government Murdered in Cold Blood

Tweet by Bill Goode Robert “Lavoy” Finicum was murdered yesterday afternoon by FBI agents at the behest of the Oregon State governor. I personally knew Lavoy since last May 2015, so I wrote the following as a memoriam as he was one of the finest patriots I have personally known, and I’ve met a few. […]

Full Documentary on Burns Oregon

Tweet IF the above video does not appear on your device, please use this direct link:

Bundy and Finicum INVITED, Then Ambushed at Traffic Stop

Tweet Listen to KrisAnne Hall reveal that Ammon Bundy and the rest were invited to a meeting and were ambushed on the way by the FBI. NO MEDIA was present, so beware of all accounts from them. Also there was NO SHOOTOUT. Not one shot was fired from the Bundys. There was nothing threatened.

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