Female Trump Supporter Makes Anonymous Rant Call to Hotline

Editor’s Note: Paula Johnson is NOT one of our members and does NOT work for this organization.

You have to wonder who is worse when it comes to innappropriate language and behavior — Trump or his supporters? Here is one Trump supporter who left an angry, profanity-laced rant on the NH Tea Party hotline on Saturday morning, August 8, 2015

Apparently women who support Trump are just as crude and rude as he is. For example, the caller referred to Erick Erickson of Red State as a “fat, red-headed goof” who should “stick his Red State organization up his ass.”

The caller also seems to think only Donald Trump has freedom of speech. A lot of it made no sense and her tone became more hysterical as the message went on.

We truly believe that if the message machine hadn’t cut her off after the allowed three minutes, she’d still be ranting. Listen below to the call:

Here is the transcript as accurately as we could get it.

[start transcript]

Saturday 10:14 AM

Yes, this is in support of Donald Trump, OK?

Let me tell you something. You know what a sexist remark is?

A sexist remark is when you have to have men pickin’ up for you because you’re too wiley and wimpy to pick up for yourself.

If you can’t take the heat get the hell out of the kitchen.

If she made a comment for him but she didn’t investigate those comments, because that girl was on CNN that he did the show with, and she said that Donald Trump had nothin’ but high remarks and respect for her when they were filmin’.

That that was nothing more than a reality TV show.

And Bret Baier, and HER, had no reason to go against Donald Trump for ANY reason, and attack him like that comin’ out.

[Tone becomes more combative....]

It’s NONE of nobody’s business what your plans are for your campaign, nobody’s business.

And it’s a free country.

He can do whatever he wants and run on every ticket.

It’s time that WE pick the candidate, not those people up there.

And now you’re stifling free speech, that that fat, red-headed goof isn’t gonna make him speak at the event? I would buy, I would buy the building next door, and have 15,000 people and make 3-hour speech myself if I was Donald Trump. Okay?

He can stick his Red State organization up his ass.

And HER, Kelly, she’s probably sleepin’ with Bill O’Reilly, alright?

And I’ll tell you exactly what she was, she was RAGGIN’ it.

And if she don’t like that situation then she can call MY house and I’ll tell her right to her face.

She wants to be smart ass and ask those kind of questions
then she’s gonna get the result from that.

He said nothing wrong other than they had blood comin’ out of her eyes and nose.

What you THINK he said and what he ACTUALLY said is two different situations and so what whatever he said, SHE started it.

She can’t take it and now you need all your Republican little men comin’ up there, ooooh, we’re gonna help little Kelly, oh my.

I’m sure Bill O’Reilly has plenty to say because that’s her protege over there.

So, forget it.

Trump is in, I hope he goes independent. There is nobody on the face of the earth that’s gonna pick my candidate or pick my people I’m gonna vote for or tell me when I can speak.

He has the right to speak as the Republican frontrunner as anybody else.

If you don’t like what he says you boo ‘em. You get up and you leave but nobody stifles speakin’ [unintelligible] except communists.

And the only pledge Donald Trump has to make is to the people of this country and to the United States of America’s flag. That’s the only pledge he makes. What are we in the boy scouts? Raise your hand and we’re gonna put three fingers up and pledge allegiance that you’re not going to run….

I don’t have to tell you that, that’s RIDICULOUS, and I would have told them that too. That’s a ridiculous thing to ask and don’t you have any better questions?

Why don’t you ask Barack Obama where HE was born, OK? And where his allegiance is to since he’s lettin’ out terrorists. I don’t see anybody asking him any questions like that. Nobody’s askin’ nothin’… that we just have pe—-

[end transcript]

Who Made That Call?

Our first impression of the voice was that it was someone with a very heavy New York accent. But what struck us the most is the willingness of OTHER women to defend Donald Trump’s off color comments about women.

Here are two women from the Trump campaign in NH — NH Women for Trump Coalition Leader and former Alderman and Democratic NH State Representative Paula Johnson and State Rep. Susan DeLemus.

In an appearance on a CNN morning show Johnson and DeLemus defended the ‘blood’ comments as NOT being about periods. (In the rant left on our answering machine, the caller claimed Trump was not talking about periods, yet said that Kelly was “raggin’ it”.)

Here is a CNN audio clip where Johnson is the second speaker, and again at around 3:40 into the file, and later, still defending Trump’s comments.



Like our anonymous caller, too many women seem willing to defend nasty, incorrect, but politically useless comments against women.

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