What and Who is Behind the Takeover of Education

Even though you were warned years ago by teachers who figured out why the word “global” was being tossed around so much in training workshops, you may still be oblivious to the fact that the United Nations was in the process of taking over your public schools.

Through federal mandates such as Goals 2000, Common Core, and the use of other programs and methods such as Outcome Based Education, whole language and project-based learning, the UN’s World Core Curriculum along with its UN-based values system is now fully embedded in American public schools.

What is the purpose of this UN curriculum? It’s pretty simple. The schools are being told they must prepare the students for “global citizenship”. And those who have infiltrated our government have willingly gone along with it.

Translation? Students are to be trained to live in a society where there is one global governmental authority, one world religion, and one loyalty. Family, country, and the sovereignty of the United States under a Constitutional Republic will no longer be acceptable because there will be no such thing as local government.

This has been the goal of the communists at the UN, all along.

And who has been pushing us toward this? Both Democrats and Republicans who support the policies that promote these ideas. They are equally guilty.

Please watch this short clip for more information.

If the above video does not appear on your device, use this direct link:
Know Your Enemy – The World Core Curriculum

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