Accusations of Soros Linked to JBS are FALSE

Tweet Accusations suggesting that the JBS is colluding with George Soros to stop a Constitutional Convention are completely and utterly false. Falsehoods Mark the Campaign for a Constitutional Convention By John F. McManus For one excellent reason, The John Birch Society has always opposed the creation of a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) as authorized in Article […]

National Association for Gun Rights Warns About Article V Convention

Tweet Recently Virginia Democrat Delegate Mark Sickles said he would use an Article V Constitutional Convention (more aptly named “Con-Con”) to “start whacking away” at our Constitution. Like many elected officials, Sickles doesn’t obey the Constitution and would scheme to re-write it if appointed a delegate to such a convention. That’s why it’s so troubling […]

Defeat SB 136 and HCR 2 in NH Senate

Tweet The push is on to defeat the call for an Article V Convention in NH. Out-of-state lobbyists from Cenk Uygur’s WolfPAC and the Convention of State Project are working together in NH to get the progressive call for an Article V Convention passed here. HCR 2 (Democrat-sponsored bill) passed by a slim margin in […]