Newsflash! State HB 148 Cannot Control Article V Convention Delegates

Tweet DELEGATES TO AN ARTICLE V CONVENTION CAN’T BE CONTROLLED BY STATE LAWS Can State Laws Control Delegates? Convention supporters say we don’t have to worry about any of the above because States can make laws controlling their Delegates. Really? James Madison, Father of our Constitution and a consistent opponent of the convention method of […]

Concord Monitor Reports Opposite Facts

Tweet What a shame the Concord Monitor focused on one group they dislike (JBS) and used them to discredit the opponents of an Article V Convention by claiming that they are an ‘outside group’. The CM conveniently left out the fact the event on the 20th was sponsored by the NH Tea Party Coalition, clearly […]

HB 148 Won’t Help

Tweet NH legislators Rep. Itse, Rock 10; Rep. Hoell, Merr 23; Rep. Ingbretson, Graf 15; Rep. Ulery, Hills 37; Rep. Tucker, Rock 23; Sen. Reagan, Dist 17 have co-sponsored HB 148 in attempt to LIMIT “the authority of delegates to Article V conventions”, which they apparently support. From the bill’s analysis description: “This bill […]

The Second Amendment is in Danger

Tweet Professor Mary Margaret Penrose advocates a rewrite of the U.S. Constitution via an Article V Convention. She believes the 2nd Amendment must be abolished.

Wrong Time, Wrong Answer, Wrong Amendments (No to Levin’s Con-Con)

Tweet by Mark Moore Radio talk show host Mark Levin has authored a new book called “The Liberty Amendments” in which he proposes that the states demand an Article five Constitutional Convention to propose a series of amendments. It is a terrible idea, not in principle perhaps, but as he wants it. The day may […]

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