Ten Reasons Kelly Ayotte Will Be Primaried

Among those who voted for the Omnibus Bill were NH Senator Kelly Ayotte.

Primary Target

Primary Target

• Amnesty Funded.
• ObamaCare Fully Funded.
• Social Security for Illegal Aliens.
• $932 Million to the State Dept. including a provision to assist Central American countries in improving their border security.
• $3.06 Billion for muslim refugees
• Half a Billion dollars to Syrian Rebels aligned with al-Qaeda
• $5.4 Billion for ebola efforts in Afica, more than provided to fight ISIS
• Campaign finance regulation are phased out.
• Taxpayers are back on the hook for to big to fail banks.
• Bailouts by repealing laws that were put in place after the 2008 financial collapse.

Ayotte also voted against Cruz’s constitutional point of order on amnesty.