Dover Residents Question “Refugee” Resettlement

Apparently, Foster’s had difficulties with the accuracy of their story of Dover residents confronting the City Council on August 13…

In an August 14, 2014 article “Dover residents critical of bringing refugees to region”, reporter Andrea Bulfinch made quite a few mistakes.

Read the article…

The City Council meeting, 8/13/2014 is replayed here:

It was also filmed independently by John Ruckenbrod

Direct link:

Here are the corrections.

David Martin – (currently running for office)
Don Andolina – (currently running for office)
Jack Kimball – (currently running a campaign)
Eddie Edwards – (currently running for office)

Residents say they were OUTRAGED at the LIES TO THE PUBLIC in the Foster’s article.

“These are not just a simple mistakes by the reporter”, they said, “but a deliberate act by the editor of Foster’s to designate Rick as the “leader of the refugee resettlement resistance” and a troublemaker”.

RED TEXT is what was alleged that Rick said.
BLUE TEXT is the TRUTH and who REALLY said the words, and when, in the video.

DOVER — The leadership of Garrison City was called out Wednesday evening during the citizen’s forum portion of August’s regular City Council meeting with comments regarding any potential resettlement of refugees to the Tri-City area.

“Are we really about to give up our traditions?” resident Rick Hebbard asked. This was actually said by DON ANDOLINA at 34:55 on the replay.

Another resident, who followed Hebbard at the podium (the speaker of these words spoke BEFORE Rick, not after) and spoke of the recent influx of immigrants, said, “What we’re seeing now on a national level is a disgrace.” This DIS-information was done deliberately and was actually said by Jack Kimball at 35:40 on the replay. EDDIE EDWARDS spoke AFTER Rick.

The Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success canceled its scheduled appearance at Wednesday’s council meeting to answer the “tough questions” from city officials after reading articles and perceiving backlash from said officials and residents in the Tri-City area.

ORIS, not yet an official or legally registered resettlement agency, targeted resettlement goals in only the three Tri-City communities of Dover, Somersworth and Rochester, although potential for other communities, such as Durham and Newmarket, has surfaced since.

Both Emma Tobin and Mukhtar Idhow said there was no aggressive plan for resettling or assisting any immigrants in the Tri-City area.

They each concurred that local city officials “misunderstood” the goals of ORIS.
However, ORIS, has not been able to confirm for communities that Dover, Rochester and Somersworth are being considered exclusively.

Hebbard on Wednesday spoke again. “Are we not a sovereign state? Is this not the United States of America? This is a LIE by Foster’s, as it was actually said by DAVID MARTIN at 30:55 on the replay.

Should we be told what to do? he asked. “I think not.”
This LIE by FOSTERS was actually said by DAVID MARTIN at 31:05 on the replay.

Hebbard said the word “illegal” cannot be disputed, either.
This LIE by FOSTERS was actually said by JACK KIMBALL at 35:50 on the replay.

The Constitution, he said, does not belong to ORIS.
This LIE by FOSTERS was actually said by DAVID MARTIN at 31:12 on the replay.

ORIS was scheduled to attend the Dover City Council meeting Wednesday to answer the “tough questions” city officials asked of the group’s executives.

Rochester Mayor T.J. Jean and Somersworth Mayor Dana Hilliard were also invited, along with their respective councils, to attend the meeting ORIS was supposed to attend.

“We will not have refugees…”
This LIE by FOSTERS was actually said by DAVID MARTIN at 31:22 on the replay.

Hebbard said to a rousing round of applause. “Let’s take care of our own less fortunate first.”
This LIE by FOSTERS was actually said by DAVID MARTIN at 31:24 on the replay.


Editor’s note: Isn’t it amazing that we are constantly having to correct ‘mainstream’ NH ‘news’ outlets such as Foster’s, the Union Leader, and the Concord Monitor from not only gross omissions but outright lies in their reporting? No wonder it is looked upon as deliberate.

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