3,000 “Refugees” Being Relocated to Dover NH

A proposal is being presented to the Dover City Council about the imminent relocation of up to 3,000 refugees from the Congo to the City of Dover NH. This would propose a 10% population growth in 6 years.

The proposal is believed to have a plan to move 100 families (each containing between 3-5 members) each year to Dover from now until the community “surrenders” and requests the flow to stop (similar to Manchester, NH and Lewiston, ME) but the government decides when enough is enough NOT the local community. The federal government would support these families for only 8 months and then its up to the community and state to bear the financial burden from that point.

We encourage you to come and learn the facts from fiction for yourself… on Wednesday August 13th, 2014 at 7:00 PM at the Dover City Hall Council Chambers.

Some immediate questions of concern:

Where will these children go to school and who will pay for the new school construction? If the federal government relocates them here, shouldn’t they be paying for the infrastructure?

How will they get around? We aren’t known for the best commuter bus service.

Where will they work and how will they get trained?

Where will they all live and how come this proposal isn’t being brokered in Portsmouth, Durham or Exeter (home of Governor Hassan)? Why isn’t the ENTIRE State of New Hampshire being asked to help these refugees? 3,000 spread across 1.2 million is a lot easier than 3,000 integrated into a city of 30,000

We want every human being to live in a clean, safe and friendly environment. This country was built on immigrants. However, before increasing a population by 10% in 6 years there are many questions to be answered.

Come, listen, ask questions and then YOU decide.

And the question NHTPC asks is, who determined these individuals were refugees and not just illegal aliens?