Racist NAACP Backs Watters Over Edwards

Tweet While we have no dog in this race because we do not endorse, we could not help but notice that the racist NAACP apparently doesn’t care to back Eddie Edwards, a black man, in his run for State Senate in District 4 against incumbent State Senator David Watters. Instead, they have backed Watters, who […]

Americans to UN: You Are Unwelcome Here

Tweet At last, perhaps a bit late, some are having the guts to stand up against illegal and unsolicited intervention by a non-governmental organization known as the United Nations. They have no right to be telling us who we must accept into the country. However, Advisement Against Unsolicited United Nations Intervention did not carry a […]

3,000 “Refugees” Being Relocated to Dover NH

Tweet A proposal is being presented to the Dover City Council about the imminent relocation of up to 3,000 refugees from the Congo to the City of Dover NH. This would propose a 10% population growth in 6 years. The proposal is believed to have a plan to move 100 families (each containing between 3-5 […]

July 18-19 National Protests Against Amnesty

Tweet CALL GOVERNOR HASSAN The only way to find out the truth is to flood her office with demands for truthful information. Contact Governor Hassan Thank you for your interest in contacting the Office of the Governor. Before contacting us, we encourage you to reference our Citizen Services Frequently Asked Questions section. The answers you […]

Miscellany Blue Disinfo Blog

Tweet “FreedomWorks, the group that helped launch the Tea Party…” begins this article of June 18, 2014 from a well-known radical left rag called Miscellany Blue. The only trouble is, the statement is patently false. FreedomWorks was around for ages before the tea party, is NOT a tea party itself, and did NOT help launch […]

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