Secret Meeting to Prepare for Con-Con

Bad enough they are calling for a con-con but now they are meeting in secret?
Here is a letter one Florida activist sent to her representative.

Dear Senator Hayes,

I am responding to a statement you made in relationship to the meeting (secret) that you attended in Mt. Vernon last weekend and quite frankly I am including Sen. Evers and Sen. Bullard because I used to trust them and Darren Soto is my new Senator from my district.

Senator Hayes you stated: “We discussed the process of bringing the Article V convention into reality and agreed to meet next year at a time yet to be determined due to the need to meet when state legislatures are adjourned or in recess. That will assure more participation. We also discussed a possible resolution to go to each state requesting their legislatures establish a selection process for delegates to be attending an Article V. Convention.”

“We recognized the need for wide communication to the public of our work. I feel it was a very good first step toward success.”
Alan Hays

I would appreciate it gentlemen if you would read my latest posting regarding a Constitutional Convention –

Gentlemen why would you expect me or any other taxpayer to trust you to appoint delegates to represent us at a Constitutional Convention when we don’t even know you? How can we trust the appointed delegates to do what is best for us? Or You for that matter? How do you know any of the delegates you would appoint could not be bought off as some legislators are by lobbyists? Once the delegates are appointed where is the continuing control?

If you believe legitimate changes need to be made through Amendments to the Constitution they should not only be presented to the people for a vote, but done through the individual states in place of the process you are addressing for the selection of state delegates – again strangers to “we the people”.

Florida and other states have asked for protection of the people in preserving the Second Amendment – you have refused.

Florida and other states have asked for protection of the people in preserving the Fourth Amendment – you have refused.

Florida and other states have asked for protection of the people in eliminating the Seventeenth Amendment. Ignored!

The Twenty-sixth Amendment was submitted, voted on and approved in less than one year. In this digital age you should be able to do this process in 4-6 months.

Our government is rot with Communists, members of the Democratic Socialist Party of America, some profess a Marxist ideology and want nothing more than to ruin this country and tear the Constitution to shreds. I will include a large number of Muslims who have the same desire. These people are not Americans at heart but subversive foreigners who want nothing more than to bring America to her knees. This is why they state the Constitution is antiquated, old, out of step, and a living breathing document so they can change it or just plain do away with it.

Where is the protection of the people? Who do we trust in lieu of the way the government has been operating for almost 6 years? The Democrat’s forcing separation of the people through social justice and the Republican’s trying to convince us they are the saviors and doing nothing.

We the People currently do not trust our State elected officials any more than we do Congress. We have no protection in this process. Have you tabled this process to wait until after the 2014 elections and by then the people will have forgotten about it and you can carry it off without our knowing what is happening? This country is not currently operating under Constitutional law, but willy nilly as whatever. We make appointments to meet with you and we meet an aide – not fair!

If the legislators of America and Congress were doing as the majority of people request and obey and manage the law according to the Constitution of the United States we would not even be having this discussion. You are playing with fire! You have no idea or guarantee’s to offer the people on how to accomplish this and “we the people” would basically be being used as guinea pigs.

You all owe it to the people of this state to keep us informed, invited to all meetings and discussion’s (held in the open), online, open gatherings, no more secret rendezvous’.

Diane Kepus

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