Parents Get Eyes Opened at Social Studies Teacher Training Sessions

Recently NHTPC wrote about some of the controversy surrounding Common Core that has been covered so extensively on Rich Girard’s morning “Girard at Large” show. In that article we mentioned a social studies training session that was being held for teachers in Missouri. Touted as “common core aligned” we were horrified to see who some of the people were leading these sessions.

Listed as trainers were people representing the private special interest groups Council on Foreign Relations and the Federal Reserve, both pro-war, pro-imperialist, and pro-world government entities.

Why also do their lesson promote Model UN? (As taught in the worst high schools in the state of NH, i.e. Bedford) Why not invite in an expert from their local Constitutional group? Aren’t the US Constitution and our Congress considered our legitimate form of government and lawmaking body anymore? Those things ARE after all, part of our legitimate government, and so wouldn’t you expect they would want the students to learn about them? Why a communist organization like the UN?

We have an article in the works about how private interests and foundations and other NGOs are unduly influencing our educational system. Groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Federal Reserve and others have lessons and an agenda with which they can brainwash your children in the public schools. And people like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg and the World Bank and UN are all in the news too.

In this article from the Missouri Education Watchdog, Moms at the National Council for the Social Studies Conference Tell MEW about Social Studies CCSS Aligned Curriculum (dead link, see below) you can find out what the parents saw when they attended that training conference for teachers. One parents says: (new link here or see the archive)

I left the social studies conference with the understanding that now our children are being taught about social justice, equality, tolerance, becoming community activists for social change as well as what is and isn’t fair according to someone other than me (the parent). In addition, our children are learning about being a global citizen, not an American citizen. Many of the sessions I attended were plugging the United Nations and the Rights of the Child treaty. I heard over and over again the need for the U.S. to ratify this treaty.

She said some sessions presented lessons were embedded into the curriculum while others were “blatantly plugging social change issues” as their goal.

Please check out some of these sessions for yourself. Here is one particular one where the Federal Reserve attempts to convince children of its legality. [link no longer available]

Update: There is now a full website for the Federal Reserve’s “Education” Curriculum and also for the Council on Foreign Relations.

The National Council on Social Studies seems to be conduit for these private organizations to infiltrate our schools. Here is a sampling of some of the lesson plans from the CFR/CIA: [click graphic for larger view]


Here is just a sampling of offerings by the Federal Reserve from the same website: [click graphic for larger view]