FreeStaters Shire Sharing Program Serves 1,317 This Thanksgiving

Tweet As we wrote about last year, the lovely Amanda Bouldin has brought charity to new heights. Photo courtesy of Girard at Large Her efforts to feed NH’s needy during the holidays have reached an all time high with 1,317 people served this Thanksgiving. In case you don’t know what the Free State Project is, […]

Happy Sixth Anniversary Tea Party!

Tweet From that first cold day on December 16 of 2007 when we tossed boxes of ‘tea’ into the harbors across America, boxes emblazoned with “End the Fed”, “End the IRS”, “End the Wars”, “End the Patriot Act”, “End Open Borders”, to name a few, and at the same time gathered for a rally at […]

Common Core Webinar on December 5

Tweet YOU’RE INVITED to a COMMON CORE WEBINAR Hosted by Cornerstone Action When: December 5th from 7pm to 8:30pm EST Where: The comfort of your home/office Call# 530-881-1300 Participant Code #: 587258 NEW HAMPSHIRE parents, school board members, teachers, administrators, legislators, this is your opportunity to listen directly to the two content experts about the […]

Why Obamacare’s IPAB Should Be Repealed

Tweet We’ve written about Obama’s IPAB before. This is the board that has earned the nickname ‘death panel’ by many in the media, and referred to as such by those of us opposed to government managed health care. Top Ten Reasons to Repeal Obama’s IPAB Health Care Rationing Board 1. IPAB rations health care The […]

Common Core is UNITED NATIONS to the Core

Tweet The philosophy in the school room in one generation will become the philosophy of government in the next. — Abraham Lincoln Hitler knew it and so do today’s elites. William Ayers said he cared not who was president, so long as his group had access to public institutions such as the educational system… In […]

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