Socialist Marc Tucker to Visit NH to Push Common Core

REMINDER: This is an older article from 2013 when Tucker visited on October 29th. He will be arriving in NH again to appear on November 10th, 2015.


Marc Tucker, the Clinton's "Cradle-to-Grave" Education Guru

Marc Tucker, the Clinton’s “Cradle-to-Grave” Education Guru

“The United States will have to largely abandon the beloved emblem of American education: local control.” ~ Marc Tucker, friend of Hillary, cradle-to-grave advocate of socialism, control freak, and advocate of the abolition of local control.

Here is an event you independent NH people are going to want to come out for, with signs blazing.

Constitution busters like Tucker coming from DC have no business sticking their noses into our educational matters, period! But they have been getting away with this for a very long time which is why the educational system is now in such poor condition.

Socialist and former Hillary Clinton education guru Marc Tucker will be trotted out by the Common Core Crazies of NH to counter the uprising of parents and taxpayers who so rightly want to banish the feds, and their illegal and bad influence, from our educational system. These quacks should leave and take their academically dumbed-down indoctrination programs with them. Tucker, responsible for the OBE misery that left our educational system in shambles, will be coming to New Hampshire to spread his propaganda on Common Core.

First let’s read about Marc Tucker and his famous letter to Hillary at the Missouri Education Watchdog.

You will note that in his famous “Letter to Hillary” he wastes no time telling Hillary that he met with David Rockefeller, their mutual and ultimate elitist handler, and probably the most evil globalist on the planet today. Tucker also worked for the Carnegie Foundation, which should tell you a lot.

He maps out in great length, among other things, how

…education would be nationalized

…people would become “human resources” to be controlled from cradle to grave

…schools would undergo “reform” and teachers would be “re-educated”

…local school boards would eliminated

…students would follow the UN content standards and be taught UN values

But as to whether Marc Tucker is more dangerous than Bill Gates to American education, here’s what What’s On First had to say…

“He’s already created tons of misery and miseducation and ruined the lives of thousands of students who had to live through the horrors of OBE like WASL and other “standards-based” atrocities.”

Indeed. We have members who can attest to that fact first hand. They have suffered through teaching careers and his various misguided theories. Perhaps you’ve heard of

Outcome-based education
Cognitive load
Standards-based education reform
Developmentally Appropriate Practice
Block scheduling
Holistic grading
Active learning
Problem-based learning
Discovery learning
Inquiry-based learning
Inventive spelling
Open-space school
Small schools movement

And the list goes on.

If anyone really wants a translation of the terms used with these collective, utopian-driven and misguided modes of learning, visit The Illinois Loop, a fantastic dictionary of all things edu-babble for the uninitiated. Collectivism is not only taught as a philosophy, but it is also the method by which all else is taught. And despite being touted as “best practice” it has been a dismal failure.

The Eagle Forum wrote about Tucker’s desire to make education help create the planned society of the future.

Donna Garner wrote:“Tucker worked as a lighting technician at a PBS TV station in Boston and then began to work at the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory (NWREL) in Portland, Oregon.

It is from NWREL that some of the worst education fads have either been launched or pushed onto the public schools: outcomes based education, Certificate of Mastery, death education curriculum (may have led to the shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado), culturally based education, the New Jersey Writing Project/whole language instruction (e.g., scoring of student essays without grading for grammar/usage mistakes, invented spelling, chunking, metacognition, the balanced approach).”

If you read nothing else, be sure to read Garner’s expose of Tucker in full.

Needless to say, we don’t need these unqualified, self-appointed educational gurus like Marc Tucker telling us we need to relinquish local control and do their bidding. It’s unconstitutional and unthinkable.

If you care about NH’s schools, you’ll join us.

Please check back for details on when and where this very important protest will take place. Does anyone still doubt that we are in the fight of our lives for our local control, our childrens’ futures, and our very sovereignty as a country?