Legitimate Tea Party Groups Have Nothing to Fear From IRS


There’s been a lot of buzz in the media lately about so-called ‘tea party’ groups who were apparently targeted by the IRS. For legitimate groups, this could only have been a good thing.

For example, the “Tea Party Patriots” claim to be the “nation’s largest tea party organization.” Really? You could have fooled us. They are actually a GOP PAC started by GOP consultants, back in 2009. Jenny Beth Martin is known to have sent NH residents letters begging to raise $10M to underwrite her jet setting ways.

Same goes for the “Tea Party Express” a silly bus that carries a road show around, featuring mostly establishment Republicans. This group is another GOP PAC that was created in 2009 by GOP consultant Sal Russo (a man who described Mitt Romney as ‘inspirational’) in the hopes he could ‘water down’ the agenda of the real movement. Recently, TPE’s spokesperson Amy Kremer said Americans had no choice but to trust the president in matters of foreign policy… Uh, no. Foreign policy was one of the lynchpin issues of the tea party and remains so, considering that Obama has employed Bush 43′s agenda on steroids.

Then we have something called “TheTeaparty.net”. This group is really a creation of TownHall.com an existing, mainstream, “conservative” blogging site. It is 100% neocon. This group employs among others, a professional fundraiser named Todd Cefaratti who has already been caught absconding with almost half million dollars collected from unsuspecting people who thought they were donating to a movement when they sent him their money through a website he set up using the tea party name.

Then there is “Tea Party Nation” run by the self-absorbed narcissist Atty Judson Phillips (he’s even got a link with his name on it on his tea party website) who sent voter guides to New Hampshire residents containing wrong information about the positions of certain candidates. The last two mailers we received from that group were what is called “unsolicited commercial spam”. What a way to use your members’ email addresses! We will never do that.

Just remember these folks had little or nothing to do with the formation of the legitimate tea party movement in 2007. When you donate to them, you may as well be donating to the very GOP candidates that have turned their backs on you. At the very least, the money is going straight to GOP lobbyists, consultants, and a full slate of employees.

The tea party movement in NH remains what it was from the start — an unfunded libertarian effort started by many young people across the nation who still work for your liberty without collecting a cent or automatically endorsing GOP candidates. We don’t claim to speak for you in DC either. We instead will continue to attempt to educate and inform those who will listen, and hope they’ll do the right thing on their own.

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