One Bay Area – Granite State Future

“One Bay Area” is the San Francisco version of “Granite State Future” in NH. Watch, listen, and let it sink in! Then visit the Granite State Futures website which will explain how you can fight this in YOUR town or city.

You will notice from this video that..

- 90% of the speakers are AGAINST the “One Bay Area” program
- the program is EXACTLY the same as Granite State Future, with the same goals
- these goals are taken directly from the dangerous Agenda 21 program from the United Nations
- each speaker brings up separate excellent points why the goals of this program are not practical, and violate private property rights and therefore should NOT be accepted
- some speakers mention that the program is being implemented without a public vote by UNELECTED boards and private corporations which is illegal
- one woman sums it up by declaring correctly that “there is no such thing as regional government” and that they should cease and desist what they are doing

During the latter part of the video, Rosa Koire, author of “Behind the Green Mask” steps up to the podium and announces that she and her Post Sustainability Institute have filed a lawsuit against the program, a lawsuit that is to become the model for all lawsuits filed in every state in the nation against regional planners.

If you can donate a small amount to the cause, please visit their website and do so. It is only when we all stick together will we be able to fight against regional, unelected, top down ILLEGAL governance by corporate interests who have co-opted our government for their own purposes.

See what Granite State Future will do to NH

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