Our Answer to Sitting Ducks?

Tweet Don’t know what LoHud thought it was doing by publishing the names, addresses, and mapped locations of homes of LEGALLY licensed, innocent gun owners in New York, but turnabout is fair play, and rather sweet, isn’t it. Click graphic for a larger view of who was responsible for leaving NY homeowners, and their weaponless […]

Dem Dominated NH Legislature to Restrict Your Freedoms

Tweet Should New Hampshire be a Free State or a Nanny State? The Democratically dominated legislature in NH has at least one Representative who has openly admitted that she plans to restrict your freedoms. And she is using the folks who moved here as part of the Free State Project as the scapegoat. District 8 […]

Exploring the Causes and Connections Behind Recent Shootings

Tweet Yes it’s true.. Firearms 80 Times are More Likely to STOP a Crime Than Commit One But you won’t hear about it that often in the mainstream media… For example, it is just coming to light now that this man stopped a mall shooter cold with his concealed handgun. FACT: Guns are used 2.5 […]

US Senators and Congressmen Now Taking Orders from the UN

Tweet Hurricane Sandy now an excuse for new legislation. Who knew. As we reported before, the UN’s Agenda 21 has received so much bad press that now the suggestion that all countries should follow their ‘sustainability’ plans have been rebranded as “Future Earth”. The public hasn’t been fooled, but some Senators continue to be useful […]

Why the Tea Party Should be Less about Politicians, Elections, or Parties and More About Issues

Tweet How Bill Ayers makes the case for issues-driven movements that deal primarily with our most fundamental American institutions We’ve often emphasized that the tea party started as an independent non-partisan movement, we don’t work on campaigns. We are not an arm of the GOP or any party… We are not about collecting money so […]

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