Larimer County, CO. Agenda 21 Advocates “Steal” Protestor’s Child

Tweet We are reprinting this article not only to show what happened to Ms Lynne, but to expose the corruption involved whenever federal funds are accepted for ‘green’ projects. Larimer County, CO. Agenda 21 Advocates “Steal” Protestor’s Child September 28, 2012 The Common Sense Show Dave Hodges DCH MC NCC The Common Sense Show airing […]

Baldwin County Alabama NUKES “Horizon 2025″

Tweet In another blow to the implementation of Agenda 21, an insidious UN-conceived plan that is showing up in towns and counties all over the USA under different feel-good-sounding names, smart Baldwin County Alabamians were able to fend off the implementation of a program called “Horizon 2025″ by showing up to speak against it. Each […]

Who Agreed to This?

Tweet “Launched on 26 September 2012, Education First is a five-year initiative sponsored by Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations. A global advocacy platform at the highest level, it aims to generate a renewed push to achieve the internationally-agreed education goals set for 2015 and get the world back on track to meeting its […]

Behind The Curtain: Clinton’s Global Initiative For Global Fabian Socialism

Tweet Our friends over at Freedom Outpost have really nailed it. We suppose this endeavor (among others) puts Romney right in line with the rest of the globalists at this UN-wannabe confab. “Romney’s speech gave me pause, to say the least. Supporting the Global Socialists with Clinton at the helm should worry every American” wrote […]

How Regional Planners are Promoting the UN’s Agenda 21

Tweet In case you are one of those who doubt that our local government is promoting the United Nation’s Agenda 21 by way of unelected panels of people serving on “regional planning commissions” — groups who are pushing for the implementation of programs like “Plan NH”, “Sustainable Communities Initiatives”, and “Granite State Future”, programs that […]

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