IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve Explained

This piece was compiled by Francisco Canales of Latinos for Honest Government and are his observations. Slight edits were made for clarity and readability.

Fellow Americans, we are living in the last days of our country’s economic supremacy. This crisis is the work of the IMF, The World Bank and our Federal Reserve Bank; in their strategy to control the world economy, and the U.S.A. plays the most important role.

1 – The IMF plans the demise of the US economy by forcing us into this huge national debt. For years the IMF and the World Bank have been the main players in the creation of economic and political crises in countries around the world, for the only purpose of gaining control of their natural resources and the economy of these countries. The strategy is to use our country to fight for the world’s social justice, economic development, the promotion of democracy, the war on terrorism, and world poverty. This US intervention costs our country trillions of dollars that the Federal Reserve Bank was glad to borrow to pay for these financial obligations promoted by the UN, IMF, the World Bank and our Federal Reserve Bank.

2 – The IMF, the World Bank, the WTO and our Federal Reserve Bank used President Reagan to promote globalization through free trade agreements; he was the major promoter of NAFTA, that was signed by President George H.W. Bush and ratified by President Bill Clinton. These presidents and the ones that follow them are responsible for the destruction of our manufacturing infrastructure and the demise of millions of factories; millions of Americans lost their jobs and their income was cut do to these ill policies that were passed by our government to benefit the elite of the multinational corporations. The Washington politicians, to justify their actions, push globalization disguised as a policy to address poverty and social justice in the underdeveloped countries. But the truth is that these policies were passed to exploit the human capital and the natural resources of these under-developed countries.

3- This United States is used by the multinational elites to overthrow legitimate elected foreign governments, in the name of national security and best interest of the United States; the records of their actions are being protected, as classified documents. Our United States Government commits crimes and acts as economic predators, creating poverty and chaos in foreign countries, but the mainstream news media never publish the truth and keep the American people ignorant of the crimes committed by our government in the name of national security and best interests of this United States.

4 – The IMF, the World Bank and the WTO, plan the demise of the U.S.A by transforming the landscape of the global economy and forming a new economic order. It is clear that the rise of China and India which represent about 38% of the world’s population is the work of the multinational corporations, The IMF and the WTO. During the last 37 years the USA have experience every single year, trade deficits, imports replacing domestic employment and the cutting of the wages of the American worker. This huge trade deficit was unsustainable and the implementation of economic stimulus increased the problem and resulted in this world economic crisis.

5 – The holders of the worthless dollars, know that the collapse of the mighty dollar is near and they are dumping the dollar fast, buying real estate and tangible assets, because the collapse of the dollar will result in huge inflation and will make them huge profits.

6- The Chinese Yuan will replace the dollar as the international currency. Today many countries refuse to trade with dollars any more; this will help China, India, Russia, Brazil and countries that refuse to trade in dollars, to continue their gain and have a dominant foothold in the 21st-century marketplace.

7 – For many years the USA has being planning and working for the formation of the North American Union; this economic block is very important to the world elite to exploit the natural resources and human capital of the USA, Canada and Mexico. They want to eliminate the borders and the government and create a new government that will have control in North America. The US economic collapse, the Mexican chaos done by the drug cartels that created the exodus of millions of Mexicans to the USA; is done by the Obama administration; and the key players of this com-plot is Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, and some of the Washington insiders that work for the world elite.

8 – Eric Holder is responsible for supplying arms to the drug cartels and supporting the CIA and the DEA to help the Mexican drug cartels in the smuggling of drugs into the USA and the money laundering. Janet Napolitano is responsible for the trashing of our immigration laws, our Constitution and promoting the invasion of illegal aliens to our country. Obama is responsible for trashing our Constitution and the rule of law and promoting chaos in Mexico and the killing of thousands of Mexicans. This president is a pathological liar that can not be trusted. He betrayed the American people and should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity, he is accusing Russia of selling arms to Syria, while his administration was engage in the trafficking of arms to supply the Mexican drug cartels with these arms that killed thousands of innocent people for the only purpose of creating chaos and the exodus of the millions that are coming to our country from Mexico.

9 – The IMF, the world Bank, The WTO, and our US Federal Reserve Bank are the ones that use our country’s political puppets to do their dirty work and destroy our country and Mexico. The only way to deal with these traitors is by exposing them and letting the American people know the truth. We need more brave men in our government that place our country’s laws before their personal gains. Whistle-blowers should be recognized as heroes. Mr. John Dodson is a hero, because of him we were able to know what the Obama administration is, an administration of liars and traitors, and responsible for the killings of thousands of innocent Mexicans and our own people which this corrupt government thinks are expendable.

10 – This election is about the killing of our country to form the North American Union, the elite of this new world order do not want Ron Paul because he will not sell out to the big money that controls this USA and want this global economy, ad will do any thing to place in the white house another puppet. We know about Obama, he is a traitor, but the question is; will Mitt Romney sell out and become a puppet of the ruling one world order promoters or he will get our country on the path that will make this country great and stand for our Constitution and the rule of law? The United States must re-emerge as a global exporter and must retain its pre-eminent status in financial markets to ensure its near-term economic future. United we stand to save our America. Seek the truth and vote for America, our Constitution, our values, and the rule of law.

We must strengthen the federal government by redirecting its time, energy, and resources toward those areas for which it bears expressed constitutional responsibility. Our government is a government of limited and enumerated powers. The power not delegated to the federal government by the written Constitution is reserved to the states or to the people respectively.

We must stop the trashing of our Constitution and end Obama’s dictatorship type of Government. Vote for America and the restoration of our Constitution and our principles.

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