Know Your Regional Groups

In order to fight Agenda 21 and unelected bureaucracies, you must know how it’s being implemented and by whom, since this is how global government will be imposed.

There are 9 “voluntary” regional planning commissions that were established by New Hampshire RSA 36:46 that must be closely monitored. The Rockingham Planning Commission explains this on their “About” page.

Notice that Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission mentions the HUD grants pertaining to Agenda 21.

Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission
Lakes Region Planning Commission
Nashua Regional Planning Commission
North Country Council
Rockingham Planning Commission
Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission
Southwest Region Planning Commission
Strafford Regional Planning Commission
Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission

Chances are if one is considering this HUD grant, so are all the others. You can go to these meetings and protest the use of federal money to manage your life, the result of which would override your property, water, travel, and REPRODUCTIVE rights in this State.

Video: Planned-opolis – A Day in the Life of Vee

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