FreedomWorks Did NOT Endorse Romney

After this Washington Times article hit the internet, the group FreedomWorks has been frantically responding to its angry Twitter followers (@freedomworks) to clarify that they did NOT endorse Romney and will not endorse him.

You can see the @freedomworks Tweets by going to One does not need an account to see them.

This is similar to a situation where a NH Romney supporter appeared on FOX News’ morning show ‘Fox and Friends’ and claimed that NH’s Tea Party had endorsed Romney in their primary.

NHTPC would like to assure you that we did NOT and WILL not endorse Romney at any time. In fact, a plurality of our leaders (about 30 of the 45) personally endorsed someone else entirely.

FreedomWorks is NOT recognized as an original “tea party”, as it was not part of the 2007 non-partisan movement that sprung up against the Federal Reserve, IRS, CIA, DOE, UN treaties, the Patriot Act, foreign policies, corporate and bank bailouts, and the later healthcare mandates. It was one of a bunch of GOP PACs who picked up on the name in 2009 to help raise money, similar to those started in 2009 by GOP operatives such as Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, and Tea Party Nation among others.

Rest assured, FreedomWorks does not speak for our group, or for the tea party in general.

One of FreedomWorks Tweets Denying Romney Support

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