Soros, CIA Behind Imported Revolutions

This is an updated post. After attempting to pull ‘cookies’ off one of our personal computers today, we have renewed our aggressive exposure of this dangerous government agency.

When NH had a very large 4,000-person tea party in 2009 we noted the men dressed in ‘black’ situated on the rooftops, getting photos with long lenses, apparently to keep a record of every ‘leader’ as they manned the tables of each of the 30 participating groups. (Yours truly put up a tarp to block them from photographing her..)

Ever wonder why your tea party, patriot, or taxpayer advocacy site is constantly monitored by the CIA but people in the Occupy movement are given a pass in the media? If this video doesn’t convince you that the forces attempting to absorb the US into the one world government are coordinated across the globe and coming with help directly from within the US, then you are hopelessly naive.

The original video was PULLED but here is a replacement:

CIA operative addresses Occupy Wall Street in America:

The above video was pulled – it showed a known CIA operative speaking to the crowd. Here is another video:

Here is another film, that if you can translate, will talk about the same thing….

“Otpor was established during Clinton administration and funded by George Soros to oust Milosevic from power in Serbia in 2000. All of the members of OTPOR have admitted that they were trained and briefed by Soros organization and Liberal democrats from US. Also all of the OTPOR leaders are now members of Democrat party in Serbia.”

… “Mr. Marovic and his good friend Srdja Popovic, who were the leaders of OTPOR, and their organization were all sponsored by the CIA. Their handler was William Montgomery, who was coordinating their actions from the CIA Headquarters for Southern Europe in Budapest, Hungary. Wm. Montgomery later became U. S. Ambassador in Post Milosevic Serbia.”

See Popovic here:

Read more…


Are you sick yet? Read about Obama’s connection to Otpor and Occupy.

See how Hillary Clinton is involved in training youth.

Revolution U

OTPOR promotes violence such as was seen in Oakland… caution this video contains foul language.

More info on leftist pro-terrorist organizations that are running the OWS movement…

Nur Shoop
Nur Shoop 2

Video and MANY more links to add…some videos constantly being pulled and replaced…


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