Governor Roemer Meets the Tea Party

With no ‘party’ machine in between, Governor Buddy Roemer met with the NH Tea Party leaders but not before he partook of a $400 haircut for the benefit of autism at Dave Holden’s “Hair Biz” which is located at street level just under the tea party’s 8 North Main Street office in Concord.

On the wall at Holden’s business is a gallery of signs, most , by the candidates who have done the same.

Roemer Gets $400 Hair Cut for Charity

The tradition started when Holden and Ed Naile, Chairman of CNHT, noticed Democratic candidate John Edwards’ obsession with his hair. Edwards was challenged to get another expensive haircut, but this time, the bulk of the fee would go to aid the cause of defeating childhood autism. And so began a tradition.

To Holden’s credit, Roemer’s hair looked pretty neat. The former Governor of Louisiana then gave a speech upstairs that concentrated on issues very important to the tea party: corruption in government, money in government, and too much government. He also called out establishment candidates like Romney and Gingrich for taking too much money from PACs. It was a message that is not to be ignored.

Although the NHTPC has agreed not to endorse any candidate in the primary, we have agreed to meet with any candidate who dares take us on all at once. So far Gov Roemer is the only one to do that, although we have had inquiries from Bachmann and Paul. We are still willing to accommodate them.