Why Obama Must Lose

Tweet Why Obama Must Be Defeated

City and Town Officials Must See This

Tweet Send this video to your hometown or city officials and demand answers if they have signed up for this program. United Nations Agenda 21 plans/activities are in New Hampshire (as well as other states) under the guise of “smart growth” (other jargon you also may find “sustainable development,” “sustainability”, “comprehensive planning”, etc). NH towns […]

Why the Federal Reserve is an Important Issue

Tweet This is NOT a promotion of any single candidate. In this video economist and professor Murray Sabrin gives an excellent explanation of why you should care about the Federal Reserve if you care about financial issues.

Governor Roemer Meets the Tea Party

Tweet With no ‘party’ machine in between, Governor Buddy Roemer met with the NH Tea Party leaders but not before he partook of a $400 haircut for the benefit of autism at Dave Holden’s “Hair Biz” which is located at street level just under the tea party’s 8 North Main Street office in Concord. On […]

The Tea Party’s Biggest Challenge: Protecting Its Brand

Tweet The Tea Party’s Biggest Challenge: Protecting Its Brand By Carolyn McKinney The Tea Party, now a well-known but poorly understood American populist movement, has attracted so much attention because it truly rose from the grassroots passions of Americans who love their country. To clearly understand the grassroots nature of the Tea Party, it’s important […]

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