Union Thugs Threaten Representatives Over RTW

Tweet Speaker O’Brien sent the following email to Republican members of the House this evening: Dear Republican colleagues, Obviously, the vote to override the Democratic Governor’s veto of Right to Work has been a significant issue facing this legislature and our caucus. Proponents of Right to Work view this as an opportunity to live up […]

Remembering the MIAC Report

Tweet We’ve talked before about the MIAC Report which outlined for government officials the preferences, behavior, and appearance of those who could be considered possible ‘terrorists’. The Southern Poverty Law Center helped Missouri officials compile the report which explains the bias contained within. The SPLC is considered to be a ‘terrorist’ group by many mainstream […]

How Foundations are Destroying America

Tweet This interview with Norman Dodd will help explain the reason why major foundations of the 1% contribute to the very revolutionaries who are claiming to be against the oligarchy… Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Why the “Fed” is a FRAUD.

If this is not proof the enemy is within…


Rise and Fall of Occupy – in Pictures

Tweet This is some excellent photojournalism of the rise and fall of the Occupy Movement as seen in Zuccotti Park NYC. While we have had Occupy people harass us on Twitter by repeatedly sending us photos of nicely dressed old ladies wearing a few tea bags on their hats, as if that and a few […]

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