Soros Hires Actors to Stage Violence

Occupy Wall Street is one huge ‘false flag’ operation.

This ‘movement’ has always been the creation of the vast left-wing network of Soros-funded entities. This is why you see signs supporting totalitarian centralized government providing free health care, free college, free housing, open borders, enforcing confiscation of property from the ‘rich’, and everything else in Soros’ Open Society agenda, even cries for the re-election of Obama…

Soros employees have even staged violence to gain sympathy for these radical communist causes. This is the mark of a ‘false flag’ event from some very desperate elites (Soros, etc) who know that when both the right and left are onto something, it poses a very dangerous situation for their own survival…

Note the guy in this video? He’s a paid actor for also… you’ll see him exposed in the next video after this.

But who is this guy? See where else he’s acted:

Addendum: Earlier, we saw this video of a NY police commissioner describing how protesters charged police in an organized fashion. We noticed how reluctant he was when recounting the details… perhaps it was also a huge lie? Now our next question, who runs Brookfield Properties? They are the owners of the park where the encampment was allowed… and they are connected to global entities such as Lehman Bros and the CFR. Who’da thunk it?

Realted: Filth and Chaos Continue at Soros-Funded Protests

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