Occupy Wall Street – Anarchy is Unfit for Humans

Tweet An interesting account of the dangers of an anarchistic society shown by the Occupy movement is here at Big Government. And apparently my own experiences with censorship, ageism, and misogyny from Occupiers were not unusual or isolated. Another of their articles demonstrates why Occupy is unsafe in particular for women and children, complete with […]

The Case for Moral Relativism at Occupy Rallies

Tweet Those of us who have pored over hundreds of pages of IB (International Baccalaureate – UNESCO’s program for American schools) documentation know that the Theory of Knowledge class is where the students are challenged for their values. We were appalled to see a TOK question that asked you to discuss whether your perspective allowed […]

NYT, Journalists, Professors EXPOSED for FIXING News

Tweet “If it’s something you don’t want published, we’ll kill it…” (after they pay of course) And these news junkies admit they are the “elites” who are the “1%”. And they call FOX ‘fixed’ news? LOL H/T to Project Veritas from James O’Keefe

OWS in the Making for Long Time – A Look Back

Tweet This video proves what we’ve been saying — the OWS movement has been in the making for a very long time. Van Jones’ new group is mentioned … along with others who have been plotting this in light of the failed Coffee Party, No Labels movement, and @fcktea group from the Agenda Project, ALL […]

Dear Nancy Pelosi

Tweet Well, we wonder what Nancy Pelosi, who cried crocodile tears over the tea party because they did no worse than yell a little at town halls, thinks of all these people getting arrested — people with scary masks and covered faces? Occupiers include Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, American Nazi Party, KKK […]

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