Friend Disappears From FB After Refusing Smart Meter Installation

The government is trying to impose Agenda 21 on us. One of the ways to make us comply is the use of technology.

I just got this private message from a friend on FB.. and now he seems to have disappeared.

I was unable to respond, he’s no longer in my ‘friends’ list, nor can I find him anywhere on FaceBook.

It was sent just 3 hours ago.

This is what he said:

The Power company was just here. The Tech had a Smart Meter under his arm.. He left with it too.

I’m glad I was here to intercept him too. After leaving a door hanger out front he proceeded to the back yard where he was met by the dogs. I know this guy wasn’t happy I told him no. He even got on the phone as soon as I closed the gate behind him.

About 30 minutes later The technician’s supervisor just showed up with the Sherriff. (sic) After explaining that they were only obligated to bring power to the house. He said the meter is the bridge and it’s in our contract that they have the right to upgrade the equipment. If I refuse the power company will come out and shut everything down. The sad thing is, with the Sherriff (sic) there, he said he understood my privacy concerns, and even acknowledged that this is being directed by the Government. The Sherriff (sic) stayed until they were done.

Big Brother’s coming. Big Brother’s, and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it!

So now we know that the sheriff stayed there to make sure the installation was ENFORCED! This is a national disgrace. The meters measure all your personal usages, when where how and why. Then they send you a warning telling you how you must conserve or they will shut you off. THIS IS NOT AMERICA PEOPLE!!!!

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