WMUR Smears Tea Party

WMUR-TV apparently thinks it’s some sort of gaffe that NH State Rep. Andy Manuse suggested that churches who lobby for ‘social justice’ should lose their tax-exempt status. We sort of agree with Manuse. However, just to clarify… he has NOT filed such a bill.

Some of us think that churches are supposed to be a connection to God and His moral authority for those who choose to be guided by this factor, and thus they should stick to the things of God which are the Ten Commandments.. you know stuff like pro-LIFE, anti-stealing, anti-killing etc?

However, when it comes to government socialism, some of us think that churches should just butt out. We have a question — the UU’s are often inside town meetings bucking for an state income tax. Should they lose their tax-exempt status for you will find NOTHING about God on their church website and everything about promoting ‘social justice’? They are a religion funded by the Rockefellers and seem to do nothing but promote the growth of big government.

But the real purpose of writing this is to ask WMUR-TV why they are calling Manuse a ‘tea party leader’ when he is not, and he will even tell you he is not? There ARE no leaders in the tea party. Everyone acts as a party of ONE. We think we have the answer to our own question.

WMUR-TV should be careful in its attempts to smear, or use their political reporter James Pindell to spread other misinformation, which he often does, about the tea party movement.

And that includes deeming people like Manuse, whom they view as having committed some sort of gaffe for simply speaking his mind, as a tea party ‘leader’, in a clear attempt to connect him and anything he does, to the movement.

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