URGENT: NH Bill Would Allow Federalization of Education

Tweet There is a Bill before the NH Senate Education Committee giving the Legislature the authority to vote on the adoption of National Standards. (HB 164) Last year the APPOINTED NH Board of Ed. voted in favor of adopting National Standards. This Board is not representative of the people in NH however the Legislature is […]

Jon Huntsman, Jr.

Tweet IMPORTANT NOTE: All posts about prominent figures reflect facts gleaned for informational purposes only and will be updated as further information is found. They are not to be construed as anything other than each person’s history as it pertains to issues that may be of importance to most tea partiers. IT IS NEVER TO […]

Nancy Pelosi Where ARE You?

Tweet We wonder… where is Nancy Pelosi and her crocodile tears and concern for incivility and vile language and charges of RAAACISM? File this under “progressive violence” once again.

NH, NJ, and RGGI

Tweet What does it say when a Democrat State Senator in New Jersey wants to get his State out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) – the state level Cap and Trade scam – but some New Hampshire State Senators (Republicans!) are against the RGGI repeal coming before them? Here is what NJ State […]

Audit the Fed!

Tweet After the Bernanke press conference today, one thing is clear: the Fed has still not come clean. It’s time to make them do so! For those of you who still do not understand why the Federal Reserve is such a problem, here is a good summation courtesy of the C4L. The government and the […]

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