Another One Bites the Dust! Huckabee Promotes World Government

Now that we’ve exposed Tim Pawlenty’s compliance with the UN program known as IB, we discover that Mike Huckabee has similar connections.

Huckabee Promotes World Government

“With the approval of SB 1024 now Public Act 2152 (PDF), Mike Huckabee officially brought the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) to Arkansas high schools and gave control of the education of many Arkansas school children to an international entity based in Geneva, Switzerland. The IBO is part of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC). This organization teaches the very principles, beliefs, and values of the United Nations that Farris is rightly worried about; values which conflict with the very founding of our country, our parental rights, and our faith.”

During the 2008 presidential primary, we warned that Huckabee took on Richard Haass of the CFR as one of his advisors.

The article concludes, “We are a people founded on the belief that we are “one nation under God” not one world under the United Nations. Let’s elect someone who will keep it that way.”

But then here is Huck raving about how the UN is trying to take over our parental rights. HUH?

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