Tim Pawlenty

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This video immediately raises questions about Tim Pawlenty. Will his lack of understanding of this program run by the UN and designed to promote ‘world government’ to our students be fatal to him in the primary?

According to the group EdWatch, Pawlenty was fought on IB but would not listen. They recently stated;

“EdWatch fought with Pawlenty all the way down the road as IB grew. A member of EdWatch even sat in as a “teacher” for the IB Introduction seminar and audio-taped the entire thing. Pawlenty hand-picked a dept of ed that not only was friendly to IB but endorsed it, and then used state funds to run these conferences, trainings, etc..”

EdWatch on Pawlenty

IB Rushed Through With Pawlenty’s Approval and Promotion

Pawlenty Supported Race to the Top

Pawlenty Supported Common Core Standards

Minnesota Exploring Taxing by the Mile


“With the advent of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) in 1965 that began official federal interference in education to 1994 with Goals 2000 which gave Minnesota the disastrous Profile of Learning to No Child Left Behind which gave us the impossible to meet AYP, the testing frenzy, International Baccalaureate which promotes UN principles over those of the US and a federally subsidized textbook on the Constitution that manages to leave out teaching of the 2nd, 9th and 10th amendments and now to Race to the Top which demands these common core standards that will give us a national curriculum and national tests, we have steadily given up our rights as both citizens and legislators to control the educational destiny of our children in exchange for what amounts to about 2-4% of Minnesota’s education budget for one year.”

Palwenty even praised Arne Duncan and Barack Obama here..

And here…

Compare to Michele Bachmann..

Pawlenty also supported Cap and Trade…

Pawlenty’s CFR Connection

Pawlenty at the CFR

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