Tea Party Enters 4th Year

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Just so we can make sure history is recorded correctly, here is the real scoop.

The tea party movement started with the first tea party on December 16 of 2007 so we actually just celebrated the 4th anniversary of the movement NOT the second… The second tea party was when we marched on DC on July 12 of 2008.

There may have only been 10,000 of us, but nevertheless, that was a fact.

The first STATEWIDE coalition was formed right here in NH in January of 2009 even before some of the johnny-come-latelies (who claim to be ‘national’ groups) are even claiming there was a first tea party!

Other groups decided to hop onto the movement for the April 2009 event when the nationwide movement had already been in full swing for two whole years.

NH was once again first in the nation.

Having said that, everyone is welcome to the movement but we want history to be recorded correctly.


Here is the video of the March in July of 2008 and it includes people from NH:

The First Modern Tea Party was on December 16 2007

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