News from the REAL ‘Father’ of the Tea Party

News from the REVOLUTION…

This is an excerpt from a letter from Ron Paul. He gives an update on what he is doing and what his next steps might be.

February 9, 2011
Dear Liberty Activist,

I have spent the last several months speaking to supporters and activists all across the country.

I’ve thought and prayed. I’ve sought the counsel of my wife, Carol, my children, my extended family, and my most trusted advisors.

As I look to my political future, there are several intriguing options I could pursue, and I need to gauge the existing financial support to back those options.

Our campaign did remarkable things in 2008, at first on a bare-bones budget, and much later, with the overwhelming support that launched our REVOLUTION.

The 2008 campaign helped launch Campaign for Liberty and the Tea Party movement, while laying the groundwork for the successful candidacies of pro-liberty candidates like Justin Amash, Mike Lee, and my son, Senator Rand Paul.

In fact, this current Congress includes more Liberty-leaning members than ever before.

And on the state level, the successes have been even greater.

Last year in New Hampshire alone, no less than 25 Liberty candidates won election to the New Hampshire State House or Senate, including longtime supporter Jim Forsyth winning a State Senate race, and other strong supporters like Andrew Manuse, Keith Murphy, Daniel and Carol McGuire, Jon Maltz, Cameron DeJong, Jenn Coffey, Norman Tregenza, and many more winning House seats.

In Iowa, three candidates endorsed by Liberty PAC went on to shock the establishment and win, including State Representatives Glen Massie and Kim Pearson and State Senator Kent Sorenson.

And across the country, folks like Drew Ivers, A.J. Spiker, and David Fischer in Iowa are ascending to positions of power in their local and state GOP Committees.

With special elections possible around the country and state elections to be held this year in New Jersey, Kentucky, and Virginia, I am confident you and I will see even more successes.

In fact, just last month, longtime supporter Kerry Roberts won the Republican nomination for a special election this March for a State Senate seat in Tennessee.

Now, I believe the time could well be right for our REVOLUTION to take its next step.

Our pro-Liberty movement could grow by leaps and bounds if we take the right steps.

I don’t think even I expected what has happened since we launched our fight in 2007.

Back then, no one had yet heard of the “Tea Party,” because these groups didn’t really exist. Yet, our supporters organized a record-setting $6 million dollar, one-day fundraising Moneybomb that sent shock waves through the political establishment.

That Moneybomb was held on December 16, 2007 – the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

It has long been said that the Boston Tea Party launched the American Revolution.

Well, in 2007, the REVOLUTION launched the “Tea Party”!

Now, I believe the time is right to take that next step to bring our message to even more waiting Americans. To take the fight to those who would steal our Liberty, our country.

To prove that America is ready for leaders who will take seriously their oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

This is why I write to you today to ask for your support for my political action committee, Liberty PAC.

Money sent to Liberty PAC will allow me the flexibility I need to test the waters and determine the next best step as I continue to fight for what you and I hold so dear.

Liberty PAC funds will allow me to travel, speak out, hire staff, and fund mail, phones, emails, and banner, TV, and radio ads to contact, educate, and persuade our fellow Americans. And, it will provide me with flexibility no other vehicle can.

You see, I believe we’re truly at a crossroads in our nation’s history. And there’s no way you and I can let our federal government continue down the path it’s on.

I spoke about these issues in 2008, just as I have throughout my entire career in the Liberty movement.

And in the past few years, our government has made it abundantly clear that our views are right.

I spoke about an out of control FED – well, you and I saw what happened with the bailouts and the doubling of our money supply.

I warned of our out of control government, with its 500 billion dollar deficits. Even I never imagined it would TRIPLE in just two years.

It is now truly on a path that will cause the very destruction of our economy, our currency, and our way of life, if you and I don’t act today.

Did you know our federal government now spends $53,000 PER SECOND?

And even after our sky-high taxes and the Federal Reserve’s constant printing of money, our politicians still can’t pay for it all.

Their solution? Well, they don’t have one.

They’re no longer even TRYING!

And they’re driving us deeper in debt by the day, along with our kids and our grandkids.

The federal budget deficit is now over 1.5 trillion dollars per year. That was the ENTIRE BUDGET just 20 years ago.

Thanks to the same old tax and spend politicians – BIG GOVERNMENT POLITICIANS OF BOTH PARTIES – you and I have accumulated over $14 TRILLION in debt – not counting future entitlement spending that’s already “locked in.”

The interest alone is over 33 billion dollars a month!

But instead of cutting spending, our politicians are constantly calling for more, more, more.

Like you, I understand that all the madness we’re witnessing right now in Washington isn’t just an attack on our economy.

It’s an attack on our liberties.

As we all know, when government grows, freedom shrinks.

That fact was well understood by our Founding Fathers. But today, it seems politicians in BOTH political parties believe government is the solution to all our problems.

Well, I STRONGLY disagree.

I believe we need to return to the principles embedded in the United States Constitution.

As I like to say, freedom really does work.

That’s why I want to continue to work to:

• Stop the spread of socialist, big government health care;

• Stop the growth of government spending, restrictive regulations, and involvement in our lives;

• Audit the Federal Reserve, which I believe will serve as an important first step toward finally ending the Fed once and for all;

• Cut taxes, because we have to starve the beast that is the federal government;

• Ensure the federal government returns to its constitutional principles by eliminating departments and agencies that are not authorized by the Constitution;

• Ensure a new, more humble, constitutional foreign policy for our nation. We cannot be the world’s policeman. We should not engage in “Nation Building.” We cannot afford trillion dollar international boondoggles that cost us our lives, our fortunes, and our freedom;

• Repeal Big Government schemes like the so-called “PATRIOT” Act.

Of course, that won’t be all. But, as I hope you’ll agree, that’s a good start.

If you do agree, and you’re willing to fight alongside me the way you’ve fought in the past, then I ask you to please complete your PLEDGE OF SUPPORT today.

With your signed pledge – along with tens of thousands of others from folks just like you – my campaign can show the political experts and media just how popular the freedom message is.

I can hardly tell you how important that would be – especially at this crucial time.

And if you can help our efforts get off the ground with a contribution, I’d certainly appreciate it.

Please click here to donate and sign the pledge online.

The good news is there’s something happening right now all over the country. There has never been a better time for our message to get through or a better opportunity to spread the message of Liberty.

We saw it all across the country in 2010. Folks are waking up, and things are turning around.

And it’s due in large part to your hard work in 2008 and the years that have followed.

People are simply ready for the message of freedom.

So Liberty Activist, in addition to your PLEDGE OF SUPPORT, I’m counting on your financial assistance to help me get my pro-freedom message out.

Of course, $5,000 per person ($10,000 per married couple) is the maximum contribution legal under federal law.

But whatever you can do – $500, $250, $100, $50, or $35 – will help tremendously.

And, since sound money and exposing the secretive Federal Reserve is central to all I do in both education and politics, I will happily send a copy of my book End the Fed to anyone who contributes over $100.

This book is a great tool to share with family, friends, and neighbors as we continue to build the foundation for our national efforts.

The REVOLUTION we started is at a crucial stage. Your support today will determine if you and I can move it forward and what the next step should be in 2012.

For Liberty,
Ron Paul

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